Click on ADD TO CART button with proper quantity of product .Go to cart and checkout with proper payment method.

Check your Email Account registered on Salemora you will definitely receive an email if not then contact Salemora customer support.

Check your Username and password properly. If don’t know Username then use your email id instead of Username to login. If forgot password then go to Salemora registration mail use link to log in.

Check spelling of product you want to find. If not then contact Salemora Support.

Cash On Delivery.                                                                                                            Credit Cards and Debit Cards                                                                                        Paypal Payments.

Yes, It is possible only before checkout of your product.

Log in to your existing account and purchase.

Go to orders and click on cancle order and give reason that why you want to cancle order.Submit reason and after that u will recieve confirmation mail and the refund amount will transfer to your account.